Thursday, May 29, 2008

Falling in Love

[Exceprt from a website that I have forgotten the name of, apologetically]

You have always shared a smoke with him, but one fine day, as you take in a drag, he politely asks for the cigarette and chucks it out of the window! And, he has this look in his eyes that seems to plead, "Please don't for God's sake!" And, wonder of wonders, you (with your entire independent "My lungs, my life" attitude) don't mind-in fact, you want to kick this habit-after all isn't it harmful? However, had it been anyone else, you would have made clear your extreme displeasure at this "unpardonable" act! Just friends, are you?

You are the type who is always ready to practice these little acts of kindness towards your friends (for both men and women) - things like waiting in a long queue to buy tickets for a movie, or offering to go out of the way to drop someone home… He's always admired you for it with a word of appreciation. But, all of a sudden, there comes a day when you are a few extra meters to get a burger across to a hungry (male) friend and he's highly disturbed by your gesture. "Why should it be you who's always running around?" he demands. That's just a spark of jealousy and you sure didn't mind it, right?

You notice he gets offended when the rest of the gang pokes fun at you, when hitherto he was a part of the making-fun-of-you group! And, you begin to like the tinge of possessiveness you see in him. In fact, when his closest pal mentions you in a not-so-flattering manner whilst in a conversation with him he rips him/her apart, for having spoken about you in that manner! All aglow, are you! Hmm, go figure.

All of sudden your conversations about your family-your sister, brother, mom, dad, grandpa, uncle, dog etc. all-interest him!

A hard core rock music freak, he tells you one day, out of the blue, that he wants to attend the Indian classical music programme that you're going to. At the concert, you catch him dozing off, but you aren't enraged. That "It's-an-insult-to-the art and the-artist" lecture that you are capable of delivering, went flying out of the window. On the contrary, you found him extremely endearing-sleeping through the musical evening!

At a party, you get obsessively self-conscious with the knowledge that he in somewhere in the crowd! But, there was a time you would dance wildly, oblivious to everyone around you.

You are having a meal with him in a restaurant when your friend walks in and you find yourself making excuses for being there with him, without being asked. What's with the sudden explanations, honey?

You get more and more agitated with when you hear of the many casual flings he had some eons ago! You could even swear he was telling you about them on purpose-to see your reaction! But then, come to think of it, until now, you had been an unperturbed listener. In fact, you used to crack up when he narrated his many paramours! Well, there's nothing to worry about…it's just that things have changed a bit now!

Sounds familiar? You are falling in love, gal! And so is he! Just cast away that mask of friendship you've been wearing all along and enter a new sphere. You just might have a great relationship coming your way. Think about it! Act now!

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